jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009

With friends like these...

My 'friends' upstairs have been behaving in a little bit of a nastier way than usual, they have never been too tactful anyway; Unfortunately I don't have an independent entrance to my basement apartment; sometimes I arrive from work and they have visitors and they don't bother to introduce me but just ignore me which at some point really felf bad but I got over it, I used to say good morning/afternoon/evening but then I decided to just ignore them as well. A few days ago they organized a big Cuban party and invited lots of people, most of them Cuban, I had no idea and got back from work to find that there was hardly room to park on the street. I just got in and a couple of people came to me cheerfully to say hi, I was ignored by the rest. It was so unexpected! I guess I know what's going on but it feels really bad.

They are just unhappy people and they just can't cope with my visible happiness which has turned their feelings towards me into something bitter, born out of envy. I really feel pity for them.

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